7 Tips for Newly Pregnant Moms

What We Wish We Knew When We Were Pregnant

pregnancy tips for first time moms

1. Morning sickness is sometimes all day sickness and it sometimes last longer than the first trimester.

pregnancy tips for first time moms

Not everyone gets sick, but 50-80% of pregnancies will experience some degree of nausea and vomiting. Despite its name, morning sickness is not reserved only for the morning. Some people will feel it more in the evening, some of us lucky folks will feel sick all day long.

2. Weight gain during pregnancy can vary widely.

More important than the number on the scale is the food choices that one is making. Some will naturally gain less and some will naturally gain more. The average tends to be between 25-35lbs.

3. Peeing in your pants is NOT “just something you have to deal with.”

pregnancy tips for first time moms

Do not settle for underwear that catches your pee! Urinary incontinence is no joke and if someone is experiencing it, they should be referred to a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist (called physiotherapist in many countries) and follow an exercise and movement pattern program to help eliminate this issue!

4. Exercising during pregnancy is safe, but it’s important to make it SPECIFIC.

pregnancy tips for first time moms

Exercise during pregnancy is backed by my research as incredibly beneficial for both the pregnant person and the baby. However, just like we train for a marathon differently than we train for a weightlifting competition, exercise during pregnancy needs to be specific to the goal of helping the body have the strength to carry the pregnancy, the ability to yield and open for childbirth, and allow for functional pelvic floor and core that eases the postpartum recovery process. And remember, kegels are not the gold standard and can actually be harmful for many.

5. PLAN for the birth you want…whatever it may be.

pregnancy tips for first time moms

I don’t care if you want all the drugs, none of the drugs, to birth on a bed or next to a bubbling brook. I want to you know your options and I want you to be in charge of them. We plan meticulously for our weddings, yet we often leave this important and memorable day to chance. Invest in a childbirth class (they are not just for those who want to go natural!), consider hiring a doula (again- doulas support all types of births), and find the best place of birth and provider for what you want. Whatever it is that you want, do the research and find those who are experts in supporting it. I promise it makes the biggest difference. 

6. Everyone will have an opinion. The only one that matters is yours.

pregnancy tips for first time moms

You will be shocked by all the opinions once you have an obvious bump. And not just from friends and family! Even the checkout person at Target will tell you what they think. From birth to how you get your baby to sleep… the opinions are everywhere! It is important to set some boundaries with people right away in your pregnancy. Because I promise you, it does not stop. There is nothing wrong with hearing the suggestions of seasoned parents. Just remember, YOU are the one who gets to make choices for yourself, you are unique, and there is no one best way to birth or take care of a baby, and beyond.

7. Just because you’re not enjoying pregnancy doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby and it definitely does not mean you’re a bad mom.

pregnancy tips for first time moms

Pregnancy is an amazing phenomenon, but just on it’s own it is a lot of work. Add on top of that all your other responsibilities and it’s no wonder one can be overwhelmed and exhausted. Take a nap. Go for a walk. Give yourself grace.

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